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Transforming how you move, maintain, and personalize your Car


Discover Motornex Mobility

With a suite of next-gen automotive solutions, unparalleled expertise, widespread trust, and expanding subsidiary base; we are revolutionizing mobility!

A Team of Dedicated Visionaries

Motornex Mobility is a global leader in the mobility segment. And we have carved out a niche as a trusted mobility solutions provider in different geographies.

Empowered by our unmatched expertise and long-term experience, we have put together a rich set of innovative and futuristic mobility solutions, revolutionizing different facets of car ownership.

The next-gen mobility solutions redefine how you drive, maintain, and personalize your car. Regardless of whether you need seamless mobility solutions, expert car servicing, hassle-free car buying and selling, or captivating car customization, we have them for you.

Besides, our large pool of subsidiary companies is dedicated to providing exceptional products and services to cater to every aspect of your automotive journey.

Focused on Trend Setting

At Motornex Mobility, our vision is to be a trend setting leader in the global mobility industry. And we envision our leadership in driving innovation, growth, and sustainable value creation.

Our ambitious vision also includes building a diverse portfolio of subsidiary companies. And we will choose firms with excellent track records in their respective markets for the portfolio.

That way, we will ensure that the Motornex Mobility family delivers exceptional products and services to customers while generating high returns for shareholders.

Committed to Deliver Excellence

Our mission includes empowering our subsidiaries to deliver excellence, innovation, and sustainability. And the mission also involves leveraging our deep industry knowledge, extensive resources, and solid expertise to propel growth in our subsidiaries. In addition, helping our subsidiaries to identify emerging trends, adapt to changing market conditions, and seize growth opportunities is part of our mission.

The Blueprint

To materialize the vision, we have formulated a strategy based on three pillars:

Strategic Acquisitions

Acquiring companies aligned with our long-term vision is the first pillar of our strategy to actualize our vision. The underlying rationale is to expand our reach, capitalize on emerging trends, diversify risk, and create synergies across our businesses.

Operational Excellence
Instilling excellence in our subsidiaries is the next pillar on which our strategy stands. So, we plan to empower our subsidiaries to deliver higher productivity, superior customer experiences and drive sustainable growth by setting in motion initiatives to optimize operations, streamline efficiencies, and adopt the latest technologies.

Value Creation
Creating long-term values for our stakeholders is one of the pillars of the strategy. And we plan to achieve this by supporting our subsidiaries with the essential resources, expertise, and guidance.

Our Commitments

We are committed to standing apart from the crowd by delivering excellence through innovation. As such, we have embarked upon a dedicated journey to redefine the mobility landscape with next-gen solutions, acting as the key differentiators.

Doing Business With Responsibility

As a responsible corporate citizen, we are committed to run our business through ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible methods. And we prioritize environmental stewardship, employee well-being, and community engagement in the entire cycle of our business.

Shaping The Mobility Future

At Motornex Mobility, we are proud of our heritage, accomplishments, and the strong relationships we have built with our subsidiaries, customers, and shareholders. Together, we are shaping the future, driving innovation, and creating sustainable values in the mobility industry.

Our Guiding Principles

A set of values differentiate us from our competitors. And the values also justify why we exist, apart form encouraging us to perform better with every passing day.


We constantly strive to push boundaries through innovation. As such, we explore new ideas to revolutionize the automotive industry.


We are committed to delivering exceptional quality and exceeding customer expectations in everything we do.


We conduct our business with honesty, transparency, and ethics. It helps to build trust with our customers, employees, and partners.


Our customers are at the heart of our business. We listen to their needs, provide personalized solutions, and prioritize their satisfaction.


We foster a collaborative environment, promoting teamwork and cooperation among our subsidiaries, employees, and stakeholders to achieve shared goals.


We strive to minimize environmental impact and adhering to sustainable practices throughout our operations, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Diversity and Inclusion

We value and embrace diversity in all its forms. We believe diverse perspectives and backgrounds can drive innovation and make us a stronger company.


We empower our subsidiaries, employees, and partners by providing them with the essential resources, support, and opportunities to thrive and reach their full potential.